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tistory 티스토리 가입하기!
2009.10.17 13:01
아이를 키우다 보니 오랜 세월동안 잊고 지냈던 예쁜 말들을 많이 듣게 된다.

햇님, 달님, 별님.....

천채물리학책을 보다가 이런 단어들을 들으니 마음이 푸근해 지고 따뜻해 지는 듯 하다.

아래 글에서 아이가 인간미 없는 세상에 태어났을지도 모르겠다는 글을 썼는데, 정말 각박하게 사는건 내가 아닐까...?
김형일 | 2010.02.04 22:08 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
오랜만에 중학교때 추억이 떠올랐다. 벌써 아이와 각박함을 생각할 나이가 되었구나.
각박함을 안다는건 어떻게든 각박함에서 빠져 나왔다는 뜻이겠지.
못 본지고 오래네. 너도, 용택이도. 다들 보고싶네... 특히 나는 중학교 이후로 친구들이 거의 없으니까.
디지털로 기록된 네 아이의 성장도, 네 아날로그적인 감성이 있기에 담아질 수 있었겠지.
무엇을 사용했는가는 중요하지 않다. 나한테 이런 말투로 이야기 하는건 처음인 듯 하구나. 거리가 생긴걸까.
거리가 이전처럼 가깝진 않은 듯 싶다. 그래도 보고 싶은 내 친구임은 여전하지만.
몸 건강하고 꼭 한 번 보자. 내가 한국에 들어가야 하려나... 낯 가려운 말이 많지만 그 때는 묻어주길...
김형일 | 2010.02.04 22:10 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
음... 아이폰의 자동수정 기능은... 한글일 때 아주 골치가 아프다. 위에 오타는... 내가 낸건 아니니 이해해주길...
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I all agree with the article author. You mastered to address the subject matter quite well. I favor the information and information given. My friend is actually working on a study document dedicated to the area of interest and I will deliver him or her the address of your website to look for material. Thanks again!
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Terrific site. I enjoy posting comments on weblogs, i'm sorry in relation to my English language, yet I really like your website. Really great job. Once thing I don't understand is the reason you require the password?
Custom Term Papers | 2012.01.18 06:36 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
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Superior site. Nice placing comments system. Apologies for the off-topic posting, nevertheless I ended up being incredibly satisfied with Djokovic\'s play in the final of the Australia OPen this yr. The man is definitely unbeatable. He revealed he was as sturdy as iron. Just imagine about he he could defeat Nadal who had previously been so motivated to gain as well as was really so energized up during the 5th set. Now i\'m commencing to feel that Djokovic is doing some spiritual work to bring some forces on his side that really help him win this sort of matches up against the very best players in the planet. What\'s your opinion about Rafa's game?
Essay Topics | 2012.02.07 09:52 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
Very good web site. Nice placing comments system. Sorry for the off-topic posting, but I ended up being incredibly impressed with Djokovic\'s play in the final of the Australia OPen this year. The man is just unbeatable. He exhibited he had been as solid as metal. Only consider about he he could whip Nadal who has been so stimulated to gain as well as really was so energized up in the 5th set. I am commencing to consider that Djokovic has been doing some psychic work to bring some aids on his side that assist him secure this sort of matches against the greatest players in the globe. What do you think in relation to Rafa's game?